Friday, May 1, 2009


The CONs have tried to make much hay out of Michael Ignatieff's response to a rhetorical question - what would he do to deal with Canada's fiscal deficit if the current proposals fail? - with little degree of traction.
No doubt it will be part of the big negative ad/canwest lifeline buy coming soon to a media outlet near you.
However, some in the media must start to ask so-called leader Stephen Harper a few tough questions. If raising taxes are not an option (yeah, like this and this never happened) for a CON government, how is a government that is currently buying into the North American auto business, going to balance a budget in the near future?
What services will be excised from the public system? Where are you going to cut? Who are you going to layoff? Or will they choose, like their past incarnation, to put the cost of dealing with this burden onto the next generation?
Who is going to pay for the highest spending government -- even before the current economic downturn rolled in -- and its unprecedented vote buying habits?

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