Friday, October 8, 2010


...Of course, he does it from the safety of Rutherturd's radio booth, sounding like Lt. Cmdr. Phillip Queeg of the Caine Mutiny.
Next he'll ask to check Ignatieff and the opposition troika for the strawberries.
So, has Harper lost it? Sending ministers to stand before the international press and say if Canada doesn't get that UN seat it's Ignatieff's fault? Wow, who knew one man could be so powerful, but considering how Harper is a real one-man-band type, no wonder he is sweating over what his main rival is doing.
Just keep in mind that, while sounding psychotic and paranoid may not be a great campaign strategy, Harper is really playing checkers to our chess. While the media is giving air time to his illogical rants, it is taking real journalists away from the Parliament building reno scandal, the entitlements of righthand toddler Pierre, and the stubborn whacking of the census.