Sunday, November 25, 2012

Return of Rockfish!

Welcome back!
This blog has been in a self-induced slumber, but is, like that ol' SCTV intro, back on the air.
Life, it seems, continues whether we blog or not.
And unfortunately, Stephen Harper's madness -- the angriest white man in faux-biz -- continues unabated. His omnibus bills continue to flood parliament with thousands of cuts and significant program attacks, showing him to have told the truth when he said: "After I'm finished with Canada, you won't recognize the place."

We've got 3 byelections on Monday, which hopefully will produced some surprising results. It is exciting to hear that Calgary could be a horse race, and Victoria is heating up. I have heard little about who will be buying the orange juice for Durham -- and considering that is the only one of the ridings where someone quit amidst controversy, that is disappointing.
In the meantime, here are a few interesting links:

Harper confidante tells social conservatives they just need to change their message to get what they want.

Harper's heavy-handed tone and the Conservatives' boldness in being bullies needs some pushback - Michael Harris, iPolitics.

Special interest groups (ie. anyone who has nothing to do with the crooked Conservative party) need to be ready for more cuts ahead - G&M.