Friday, July 6, 2007


I don't think 'subtle' would be a word that is whispered when trying to decipher ol' Deceivin' Stephen.
There's the boiling-point temper-tantrums, the off-the-cuff bold lies, the shiftiness of a carnival barker, tied up in a charismatic-free package that would have tried but lost the Man From Glad auditions.
However, whether its our true misunderstanding of the man -- and I believe those of us who dislike him are as equally fooled as those who follow him -- what we can see is that some decisions he's made, especially in planting a republican like fortress around the PMO, are truly machiavellian.
Like that film from a few years ago Momento, the best place to start is in the present. The appointment of William Elliot on the surface looks like a neutral and maybe audacious step to correct the leadership troubles in the RCMP. His Tory roots, and lack of police experience, create a few red flags but most of the commentary, even from some Liberal bloggers, has been 'lets give him a chance.'
That the main organization in charge of law and order could now feel the 'inside' influence -- and I laugh with the referrals of Elliot as an outsider (maybe from the RCMP, but certainly not from Harpor) -- is worth a chill. That some members of the RCMP are asking these same questions deems it one worth investigating.
As witnessed through the Bush government, a party that sees the rules of political engagement as slanted against them, and a hunger to control the levers of power, would possible set the wheels in motion by supplanting unbiased or neutral organizations with favourable followers. Hanging chads my butt.
All the following occurred under curious circumstances -- all were treated like the daily laundry list perhaps because the CONs were trying to be quiet and clever, or that its a 'connect-the-dots' thing that they prefer not to be caught at.

Elections Canada -- very quickly after questions about CON fundraising and reporting of fundraising hits the news, the judicial appointment process - snuck out to the press on a busy news day and against the deadline, federal banking system, the reproductive board, he's stalled the appointments of much-needed immigration boards for some bizarre reason.
Avoiding the conspiracy mindset, it could be concluded that this is a natural process after a new gov't takes over from a party that had ruled for 13 years. We know, over his first mandate, Chretien brought in his own people, likely even a few after a firing. However, look at the sudden jettison, whether by their own sword or by others, by a few of these key appointees. And then look at how many if not all of these appointments don't match the promise of accountability. Line that up with a serious list of evidence which shows Harpor and accountability don't share the same tailor, and never cross paths, and you've got a curious and potentially unhealthy mastermind effort going on.

Forgetting his own job description from the past parliament, Harpor slammed opposition members who dared question his choice to lead the Public Appointment Commission -- a well-heeled CONservative bagman. So he cancelled it and has gone about doing things in his own image.
With the shotgun approach he's applying, its hard to keep track of these changes -- massive shifts in direction in some. You can't blame the media, except Canwest which is blatantly covering Harpor's trail, and after a while all opposition members begin to look a little paranoid and whiny when they are doing their job.
As some ideological gov'ts as take office, one of the first plans is to rip out what the previous gov't had established. Some of it for good reason, but often just to 'brand' it as theirs. In BC, we replaced one (NdP) with a right-wing coalition (BC Liberals); The new gov't proceeded to break the rules, break contracts and bury evidence in changing gears. Punishing people, in fact. Do it early and by the time the mandate's run its course, people will forgive, or just forget.
We can't let Harpor continue silently changing the fabric of our bureaucratic and gov't system. People need to get the facts, write their local newspaper, and volunteer (and donate!) to their local Liberal candidate.
Just as the republicans took control of an election, so could a power hungry shape shifter.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet Snub, cousin of Shrub...

Wow. Can you say 'childish'?
Perhaps what we have here is more than just a failure to communicate, but as wisely unravelled here (the always interesting Mr Sinister), a direct and less-than subtle hit to people who dare cross Pope Stephen, aka Deceivin' Stephen.
Whot?! CONservatoids say these announcements required no provincial agreement or participation and that in these cases it is standard for Captain Kanada to parachute into any region he wants, wince painfully for the cameras that capture his photo op in action, and then balloon out of sight?
Well, I'm not saying you're a liar if you agree with that, but this and this may speak the truth...

But lets just say, okay, maybe this is just more evidence of someone who's decisive, who sticks by his guns and says exactly what he means. And maybe I should clean that crack pipe and put my money on Kevin Federline stocks...