Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Harper is slowly being forced to reveal his hand.
Let's assume that what was diagnosed as serious damage to his credibility and hold on the levers in evil CON corp were not damaged by his last two prorogation dance steps.
However, if you scan the profiles of people lining up behind his shadow, you are seeing a sudden plethora of social conservatives, grinning and staring as though Jimmy Swaggert had just gave them a lapdance.
The Vancouver Sun today has a front page column by Barbara Yaffe that blares 'Harper's Motherhood Issue Backfires, Triggers Secret Agenda-Fears On Abortion.'
Front page.

Other editorials point out Harper's mish-mosh of a policy pronouncement. Originally against 'family planning' he's now just not going to allow Canadian funding of abortion in third world countries. But maybe he's not completely supporting contraceptives, either.
No clear message but one clear signal -- we may not know who paid Harper's way to the party leadership, but we do know who's got their hands up his keister now. It perhaps also reveals why dimbulbs like Anders, Breitkruz, Bruinooge, Cannan, Del Maestro, Fast, Gallant, Glover, Goodyear, Hawn, Hiebert, Kenney, Lukiwski, Poilievre, Ritz, Schellenberger, Smith, Tilson, Trost, Vellacot and Yellich look so happy these days.
Maxime gets it. Soon we will witness more freelancing and leadership ambitions surface. Maybe we'll get Harper to lipsync the Beatles 'The End' to close the books on this morally corrupt and economically moronic party.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Bet Stephen Harper is sure wishing he had saved his last 'go to prorogue' card for a new spring break.
The current scandal is looking more and more like one of those dangerous stingers that leave a nasty cold sore where everyone can see it.
Although some of the salacious and overly personal jibes at incompetent and impudent Helena Guergis are over the top, certain elements of this current scandal are exposing a familiar character flaw in our so-called PM.
Apparently, Steve's a one-trick pony:
Deny, deflect and detach. Repeat.
Hopefully the Canadian public will get a chance to do their own detaching from this inept, morally corrupt group of bunglers soon.