Friday, September 3, 2010


Even without a nation-wide delivery, Korn-Kob Kory Teneycke -- a Harper disciple sent out to muddy the media waters with bile and propaganda -- is demonstrating his pure lack of ethical moxie for all to see.
Irked by the very popular Avaaz Anti-Sun TV petition and its apparent punk-ability, the PM's pseudo spawn virtually gave the thumbs up to a supporter or supporters to sign up fake names to the petition, in hopes to shine a light on its illegitimacy.
In this wonderfully detailed post by the irrepressible Kady O'Malley, Teneycke (just remember, you can't spell Kory without 'yeck') lets slide that his name and some actual public media types were signed up illegitimately but rakes it for silly type signatures like Boba Fett, Snuffaluffagus and The Office's Dwight Shroot.
Nope, but he does take the time to make this online petition into a 'woe-is-us' and try to paint his opposition as mostly American (despite the signatures being unlisted) or artsy lefties like Margaret Atwood (who admitted to adding her famous name to the poll).
Free publicity; but when is the right going to step up to the plate and act like a responsible adult. You've got ideas, let them out and let them face the heat of debate. Hiding them and whining whenever someone throws some heat your way is not the act of an accountable, open organization. Oh right. You are a CON in wolf's clothing...