Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let me get this straight. We've accepted that Stephen Harper has become the Don of patronage appointments -- setting new standards between doses of proroguing.
The Canadian public and the CON sheeple are okay with the idea of him stuffing the porkulent office of the Senate with his failed candidates, fartcatchers and bagmen.
But now, Canadian taxpayers et al, we have to accept him shoehorning in his future candidates for MP into the chamber of sober second thoughts, in effect getting them on the public dime before they even have to be tested by the public?
If you're not shocked, perhaps you should be amused -- one person who only sees the senate as a nice, comfy well-accomodated holiday to launch his campaign for his own importance, as opposed to that set-for-life lottery ticket?
How humbling of Larry Smith to give the voters of Lac St. Louis a heads-up that he'll be eager to step out of his plum appointment at the drop of the next writ.
Apparently, he's chosen to avoid the complete Michael Fortier comparison -- ie two-time loser -- by refusing Harper's offer to be an unelected member of his cabinet.
Harper, who hasn't met a truth he wouldn't trade for partisan gratification, is still pitching the angle that he's not about to shovel money to municipalities looking to attract/keep professional sports franchises... Remember the Income Trust tune? Funny that, rumours being one of Smith's major tasks will be to till the soil to make just such a vote-buying venture palatable coast-to-coast.
If I recall my Reform party history correctly, these governmental doings would result to the rightwing setting its hair ablaze.
The vast sinkhole that was the conservative movement's ethical being already has to deal with smoking pants...

Monday, December 20, 2010


... with Stephen Harper's latest stooges appointed to the senate.
Keeping with his 'integrity-free' decision to ignore everything he had said about the Senate in the past, the CON prime minister tagged CFL former great Larry Smith and failed federal candidate and minister Don Meredith to the upper chamber -- just in time for Christmas!
"Hey, no one does Santa like me!" Harper crooned to his covy of bobbleheads. "These two will do my bidding until I uncover the secret of Vlad Tepes!"
During Smith's tenure as CFL commissioner, he led the wildly popular expansion to such Canadian outports as Sacremento, Shreveport, Las Vegas and Baltimore.
Upon leaving the commissioner's office, Smith worked on his resume, primarily being a bootlick with the Montreal 'left-wing media' Gazette.
Meredith, who rode 2,982 votes to finish fourth in 2008 in Toronto Centre, has said that he believes homosexuals to be 'people.' He also said: "It's the right of individuals to choose their orientation."
Of course, that belief should be taken with a grain of salt lick, since his soul now belongs to Harper's Legion of Marauding Senators. To prove he either is mistaken, unclear or not had his CON mindmeld take, Meredith later added: "...if it is, it is the law and we would vote according to what the law is."
Like the set-election law? Or signed agreements on Kyoto, Kelowna et al?

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's a stink, stank, stunk moment for the Harper CONs.
How long before someone in the media digs a little deeper?
Or they could try and shine their light a little harder here, or here -- it's Keystone Cops in Parliament, but with Snidley Whiplash-esque execution...


On the 'if this doesn't soften my image, i'm just gonna call in the commandos' Harper tour, another one bites the dust...

Of course, he couldn't even get his rip-off signoff right, either.


The ogre is back at it again... Pitching one meme while doing bi-annual 'I suddenly care about people' act.
Oh, look -- Harper suddenly realizes he's in a land where ancestors of another nation reside! And many of these people are poor! (will he use the word 'poverty'? Over-under says 'no')
Quelle surprise! Harper wants to provide his big shoulder to the women and children of the world -- just don't shake his hand too vigorously.
Perhaps this is all part of the shedding of his skin that occurs with other reptiles. Skulk, hiss, shimmy, hide under a rock, then shed skin. Yep, sounds familiar.
In a year-end interview with CTV, Sauron, er Harper said "...[I'll] not screw around with a bunch of political games."
If CTV and its mainstream members need any reminders -- political games is what Harper's all about. He never saw an issue that couldn't be used as a wedge, and spent his first mandate trying to dare the opposition into defeating his government. Of course, the most benign example actually is apropos; see 'fixed election dates', September 2008.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


That should point out when members of the government get it right (no, not necessarily one of the signs of the apocalypse):

Dear Editor,

I'm often a loud critic of our federal government when I feel it's done something wrong. From prorogation to lying about the deficit (we were in it before the 'economic downturn') to single-tender agreements to buy expensive military aircraft, i've disagreed.
But I think it's important to acknowledge (FILL IN CONSERVATIVE James Moore/Gerald Keddy/Shelly Glover) for voting with the side of human rights last week. Mr/Mrs (Moore/Keddy/Glover) voted in favour of an opposition bill that would enhance the rights of transsexual and transgender individuals.
Despite the majority of the Conservative government voting overwhelmingly against the motion, these individuals broke party ranks -- a party that shamefully voted against the rights of indigenous peoples at the UN -- and said transsexuals and transgenders deserve the same protection and regard in the Canadian Human Rights Act of other citizens, as it deals with discrimination and hate crime provisions.
They did this just after the newest Conservative MP, former Ontario chief of police Julian Fantino, attacked the Canadian Charter of Rights during his election campaign.
I like to point out the good things -- so bravo Mr/Mrs (Moore/Cannon/Keddy/Glover/Boucher)!



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A lot of evidence suggests they're more than friends, tho...

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