Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let me get this straight. We've accepted that Stephen Harper has become the Don of patronage appointments -- setting new standards between doses of proroguing.
The Canadian public and the CON sheeple are okay with the idea of him stuffing the porkulent office of the Senate with his failed candidates, fartcatchers and bagmen.
But now, Canadian taxpayers et al, we have to accept him shoehorning in his future candidates for MP into the chamber of sober second thoughts, in effect getting them on the public dime before they even have to be tested by the public?
If you're not shocked, perhaps you should be amused -- one person who only sees the senate as a nice, comfy well-accomodated holiday to launch his campaign for his own importance, as opposed to that set-for-life lottery ticket?
How humbling of Larry Smith to give the voters of Lac St. Louis a heads-up that he'll be eager to step out of his plum appointment at the drop of the next writ.
Apparently, he's chosen to avoid the complete Michael Fortier comparison -- ie two-time loser -- by refusing Harper's offer to be an unelected member of his cabinet.
Harper, who hasn't met a truth he wouldn't trade for partisan gratification, is still pitching the angle that he's not about to shovel money to municipalities looking to attract/keep professional sports franchises... Remember the Income Trust tune? Funny that, rumours being one of Smith's major tasks will be to till the soil to make just such a vote-buying venture palatable coast-to-coast.
If I recall my Reform party history correctly, these governmental doings would result to the rightwing setting its hair ablaze.
The vast sinkhole that was the conservative movement's ethical being already has to deal with smoking pants...

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