Monday, December 20, 2010


... with Stephen Harper's latest stooges appointed to the senate.
Keeping with his 'integrity-free' decision to ignore everything he had said about the Senate in the past, the CON prime minister tagged CFL former great Larry Smith and failed federal candidate and minister Don Meredith to the upper chamber -- just in time for Christmas!
"Hey, no one does Santa like me!" Harper crooned to his covy of bobbleheads. "These two will do my bidding until I uncover the secret of Vlad Tepes!"
During Smith's tenure as CFL commissioner, he led the wildly popular expansion to such Canadian outports as Sacremento, Shreveport, Las Vegas and Baltimore.
Upon leaving the commissioner's office, Smith worked on his resume, primarily being a bootlick with the Montreal 'left-wing media' Gazette.
Meredith, who rode 2,982 votes to finish fourth in 2008 in Toronto Centre, has said that he believes homosexuals to be 'people.' He also said: "It's the right of individuals to choose their orientation."
Of course, that belief should be taken with a grain of salt lick, since his soul now belongs to Harper's Legion of Marauding Senators. To prove he either is mistaken, unclear or not had his CON mindmeld take, Meredith later added: "...if it is, it is the law and we would vote according to what the law is."
Like the set-election law? Or signed agreements on Kyoto, Kelowna et al?

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