Saturday, December 11, 2010


That should point out when members of the government get it right (no, not necessarily one of the signs of the apocalypse):

Dear Editor,

I'm often a loud critic of our federal government when I feel it's done something wrong. From prorogation to lying about the deficit (we were in it before the 'economic downturn') to single-tender agreements to buy expensive military aircraft, i've disagreed.
But I think it's important to acknowledge (FILL IN CONSERVATIVE James Moore/Gerald Keddy/Shelly Glover) for voting with the side of human rights last week. Mr/Mrs (Moore/Keddy/Glover) voted in favour of an opposition bill that would enhance the rights of transsexual and transgender individuals.
Despite the majority of the Conservative government voting overwhelmingly against the motion, these individuals broke party ranks -- a party that shamefully voted against the rights of indigenous peoples at the UN -- and said transsexuals and transgenders deserve the same protection and regard in the Canadian Human Rights Act of other citizens, as it deals with discrimination and hate crime provisions.
They did this just after the newest Conservative MP, former Ontario chief of police Julian Fantino, attacked the Canadian Charter of Rights during his election campaign.
I like to point out the good things -- so bravo Mr/Mrs (Moore/Cannon/Keddy/Glover/Boucher)!



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