Monday, August 23, 2010


The radical right-shift and fearmongering of Stephen Harper and his unscientific morons is making more news in foreign newspapers...
Harper and viagra-fueled lothario Vic Toews' stirred up anger and fear against the latest refugees, with the Manitoba MP labelling the Tamil boat as "terrorists" and "smugglers" and not 492 asylum-seekers.
Then the 'so-called leftwing media' helped carry the CONs' water -- Monte Solberg, anyone?
No need on doing actual casework to get ahead of the conclusions, right Vic?

Friday, August 20, 2010


He doth protest much, eh?
Of course, Diamond Bill Elliott knows what happens to CONs who tell the truth.
That's why when he suggested in an earlier interview that the long-gun registry was "useful", he couched it that facts showed that.
Fortunately, Harper has already began to make real facts unlawful.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


... when the chicken sees its shadow. Or Harper gets the latest publicly funded secret poll data.
It's interesting how quickly the decision to shuffle out RCMP Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak as the head of the Canadian Firearms program -- but first, let's try to blame it on bilingualism -- has become a huge gravy stain on Stephen Harper's no-accountability shirt. If it's any consolation, Cheliak has good company.
The axe came days before Cheliak, who has vociferously defended the long-gun registry as a useful tool in protecting both the public and the police, was to meet with Canadian police chiefs. He was expected to give a speech at the meeting -- then 'Yoink!'
With hothead Willie Elliott putting on his mattel-made RCMP hat and doing Harper's biding, Cheliak is now toast. Oh, first he was just off to re-education, er, bilingual class.
All to protect the CONs' slow-moving act to disarm the controversial long-gun registry.
Even members from the CON-friendly side are not swallowing Harper's lame excuse.
Are the CON-support team starting to show cracks? Isn't there some kind of shame in standing behind a leader who refuses to let them defend and debate what is a fairly major belief? Why is hiding their ideals, their actions and motives from everyday Canadians now the modus operandi of Canada's not-so-new government?
Remember, the long-gun registry was a cause that played a major role in uniting the right.
But instead of explaining their reasons, their feelings and policy options that they want to put ahead of public safety (why listen to the police? What do they know about public safety?) the Harper CONs instead hide the research, data and people who may make their cause a little uncomfortable.
Nobility and transparency have no place in Stephen Harper's Canada, apparently.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Before, it was the rallying cry of a small fringe group that 'provoked' Stephen Harper and his caucus minions to halt something that had become an accepted, even a civic duty by millions.
Now, the growing chorus of supporters of the long-form mandatory census are just noisy complainers who should just cough up the information on their own.

"If this census thing was such a hot issue with as many people as some of the national media would like you to believe then. . . if all those people would chip in and volunteer that information, we won't have any problem (with a lack of data), we'll probably have twice as much" as was collected previously, (CONservative MP Larry) Miller said.

Seems like perfect CON circle logic to me...