Friday, December 17, 2010


The ogre is back at it again... Pitching one meme while doing bi-annual 'I suddenly care about people' act.
Oh, look -- Harper suddenly realizes he's in a land where ancestors of another nation reside! And many of these people are poor! (will he use the word 'poverty'? Over-under says 'no')
Quelle surprise! Harper wants to provide his big shoulder to the women and children of the world -- just don't shake his hand too vigorously.
Perhaps this is all part of the shedding of his skin that occurs with other reptiles. Skulk, hiss, shimmy, hide under a rock, then shed skin. Yep, sounds familiar.
In a year-end interview with CTV, Sauron, er Harper said "...[I'll] not screw around with a bunch of political games."
If CTV and its mainstream members need any reminders -- political games is what Harper's all about. He never saw an issue that couldn't be used as a wedge, and spent his first mandate trying to dare the opposition into defeating his government. Of course, the most benign example actually is apropos; see 'fixed election dates', September 2008.

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