Wednesday, May 6, 2009


These are serious accusations.
And if they stand up after investigation by the proper authorities, I'll be hoping that the consequences will be serious. The cost, if then, will have to be more than just her political career.
But today they remain accusations only.
Not that I'm surprised that the media, especially Crapwest, is rolling this out coast-to-coast as national scandal. The Globe's latest story paints Ruby Dhalla as a high-maintenance MP, a Liberal diva. That certainly helps ensure that the facts will all be weighed fairly, no doubt.
But I have a few curious questions on how this has evolved... Kinda funny that it all came to light immediately after the end of the Liberal Convention, eh? Also kind of coincidental, I'm sure, that it also surfaced when CON leader Stephen Harper, he of the 'this isn't for print, is it?' footprints, is out of the country. Just as he likes to assign a lot of the dirty heavy lifting in the House to his chubby minions, guess who's leading the charge, not waiting for the justice system to work its magic?
Of course, they've had good success in past years with their immigrant outreach, or luring people with bribes and promises program. It's interesting how they are trying to twist this story in the House, while also using it to dampen Liberal interest to force a spring/summer election. While the scope of the story is important, I can't really believe it is worth day-after-day-after-day reporting, with the facts still to be determined, while Canwest essentially ignores things like this.
I know CONs have no faith in the Canadian justice system, unless of course it's their butt they are trying to cover. But you'd think they'd show a little hesitation of going on the offence over unproven facts... You know, considering this.
And the NDP, playing along. Quelle surprise, eh? Did they learn anything from this?
I suppose they all are certain that there's only one side to this story, and if you jump to conclusions enough times you'll be on the right side once or twice.
But I'm reminded about the current cycle of radio commercials that run on the Giant NW (big fans of the CONs, of course) these days. After the tax lawyers calling all tax cheats to come to them, there is also the investigation service company that helps you screen those caregivers who are ready to cheat your parents, after they shadow your partner to see who he's cheating on. I never liked their commercials. And I dislike the CONs tactics even more.


penlan said...

It's interesting that every time Harper's out of the country there is some kind of personal attack on someone, perpetrated by the Cons. The one before this was the "Mulroney's not a Party member".

Dhalla did the right thing by stepping down from her post while there is an investigation. Have we seen any Cons do that when a situation is being investigated on one of them? Other than Bernier? No! And there have been a few of them.

Good post!

Geordie Tom said...

One reason for the story coming out after the Liberal convention is that it was held back by the Liberals to ensure the spotlight wasn't taken off Iggy.
This member has been accused of wrongdoing by various agencies and it was not the Cons who 'engineered' the story.

penlan said...

Geordie Tom,

"This member has been accused of wrongdoing by various agencies..."

Would you care to name these "various agencies" or what kind of agencies they are? I have not heard of any "other" problems til this alleged one.

rockfish said...

Sorry GT, the story wasn't controlled by the Liberal Party or the media, but the women involved. They have made their allegations before, but their complaints came forward early this week.
Another former employee has also stepped forward, making it a total of three people who say Ms Dhalla and/or family overworked them, among other things.
These, as I said before, are serious allegations that need to be investigated.
But lets look at how the CONs are trying to frame this: One MP has stood up in the house and said that this accusation reflects upon all Liberal members, thus trying to paint the whole party as uncaring and treating immigrant women with less than proper respect.
I don't recall Liberals or other parties calling the CONs gay-haters following the revelation of old comments from MP Tom Lukiwiski (sic). Or that all Tory ministers were using women as career-enhancing props like Maxime Bernier. But I do recall an instance where the CONs, when questioned about providing unfair access to the PMO for some shady-looking business, how they turned it and accused their questioners that they had it in for 'people of Greek origins.'
This 'paint it black' attack mode is another part of 'divide and conquer' strategy that turns off voters. It may achieve its end goal, which is to prejudice voters against the CON rivals. It's also gutter politics.