Thursday, May 28, 2009


Finally, the CON government has revealed its long-hidden agenda for Canada's public nuclear industry. Just as its investing billions in the auto industry, Harper and Co. have opened the barn door and is going to put up for sale a portion of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd by splitting it into two.
The timing remains suspicious -- days after the radiated heat began to grow on the current medical isotopes shortage began getting into the news, and a few days after finance mismanager-minister Jimbo Flaherty dropped a $50-Billion bombshell in the foyer of the House of Commons, the gov't is talking about turning over Canada's public nuclear industry into a McDonald's restaurant-style partnership. Nuclear, under new management, the sign may read.
Suddenly, the shortage of isotopes isn't a 'conspiracy' as before, but a convenient coincidence as the 'For Sale' sign goes up.
In one sense, it may be a relief that the operation of this potentially dangerous power source is out of the hands of this incompetent crew. Unfortunately, the current Chalk River reactor's troubles has provided a golden opportunity, and while the official aim is to entice the best offer, this group is just as likely to secretly single-source it.
While the Governor General showed her courage and integrity by chowing down on a seal heart morsel, I'm betting Harper won't be ordering the three-eyed fish anytime soon. But those down stream may have to.

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