Thursday, May 7, 2009


Looks like Giorno got his way - again.
The Prime Minister's pitbull continues to alienate staff and bump out top civil servants, this time with the surprise announced 'retirement' of Clerk of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch.
As per usual when the dirty work gets done, so-called leader Stephen Harper is somewhere else. But don't worry, the fingerprints don't lie. Giorno, Harper's hitman who has been helping him maintain fear and loathing behind the doors of the Prime Minister Office, while also advancing a 'take-no-prisoners' approach with any grumblers in private or public. Will the piper have to be paid soon? Don't hold your breathe for the spineless members of Harper's caucus see the light anytime soon. That would take balls and bearing.
When loyal to a fault CON fartcatcher Ian L. MacDonald catches on and prints it, you know there's trouble in Toryland.
Although Lynch may want to talk to a lawyer after MacDonald gave him the backhand of compliments:"There is no question that Lynch was always one of the two smartest guys in the room, and that the other smart guy was usually named Harper."

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penlan said...

Giorno eventually did in the Harris Tories in On. with his tactics & offensives against the opposition. Harper doesn't see it - yet - & once he does it'll be too late & all be over for those thugs.