Monday, May 4, 2009


No doubt Stephen Harper will play 'kitty-bar-the-door' after the barn is empty.
His science and technology plan, which is becoming like a rerun of George W's comedic travesties, apparently is carved out of stone.

There is no doubt that his 'starve science, feed a cold' attitude is seeing results.
Harper recently boasted about the importance of the arctic -then proceeded to turn out the lights and shut down the heat needed to keep it operating.
And now, the whole 'shush on science' tactic has helped pave the way to Florida for Canada's top AIDs researcher.
You may remember Harper's reaction to a little criticism from AIDs groups during an international conference in Toronto was to delay some funding announcements, with the threat of withdrawal. Coupled with the shocking ignorance of minister of state for science and technology, who is one step behind the bouncing yogas of the 1970s, and you can see where this is heading.
Canada is back, Harper once boasted. To the back of the class, that is.


penlan said...

"...'kitty-by-the-door' after the barn is empty."

I've never heard this expression before & I can't figure it out. Care to explain, please?

When I read about the AIDS scientist heading to the U.S. my 1st thought was - "Harper won't care, he'll be glad". Because he doesn't want anything to do with any AIDS programs. He did not attend the convention when 1st elected nor any others. Doesn't fit in with his Christian ethics & his Con idealogues. Creep.

burlivespipe said...

Oops, it should be 'Kitty-bar-the-door', which you may be familiar with - it means to play defensively, play only to prevent a goal.

I completely agree on your assessment re. the AIDS scientist. Harper will likely consider this a 'win' for his base.