Saturday, May 16, 2009


Seems like the CONs' neg-ads are going over like poop pan cakes.
As many of the critics point out, debating or disagreeing on policy or positions makes perfect, and fair, sense.
Hitting someone because they've done more than your so-called leader is just downright dumb.
Let's not forget Harper, the man who thought building a firewall around a province as a perfectly keen idea during a dispute, who prior to becoming the leader of his party hadn't traveled off the continent. This is the same guy who, when disgruntled over the then-government's decision to not back the coalition of the Willing, posted his disagreement in an American newspaper -- the same journalistic natives he prefers to spend a lot of time with these days.
Another famous Canadian knew what it was all about. He hit the road and traveled far. Hank Snow was a proud son of it, and he is just one of many Canucks to find success at various corners of the globe but always know where his heart is. So in tribute to him and all those who believe that venturing and succeeding beyond Canada's borders is not some sort of sign of unCanadianism, I leave you with this: