Monday, May 4, 2009


As though to prove their master-skills of fiscal responsibility, the Stephen Harper CON team has been working day and night, night and day on things beyond the scope of real Canadians.
A committee, originally put together to help oversee privy council appointments, the yard-arm of patronage for the Prime Minister, continues to burn the midnight oil despite the fact that the PMO has taken on the duty of picking and choosing who gets the political pork.
Remember the childish manner inwhich Harper grabbed his ball and stormed away after the opposition rejected his choice of CON gifter Gwynn Morgan as chair?
Don't worry, hogwash trainee Pierre Poilievre said. While the non-committee has cost Canadians $1 million and counting despite having no apparent function, it will be a "blue-ribbon panel... in the process of establishing this important enhancement..."
In the meantime, one has to wonder what have they been doing over the past three years?
Supplying Gerry Ritz with jokes? Crunching numbers for the continually revising Flaherty? In charge of finding the most evolved running shoes for Gary Goodyear?
Certainly he wouldn't be tying up this invisible trio with menial, bi-partisan tasks like feting the numerous names of CON pigs-at-the-trough who think it's business as usual? Harper wouldn't have this trifecta of phantom committee members working on some secret CON party partisan pap for the masses, now would he?

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