Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Of course, when the higher-ups are busy forging documents, making 'financial offers' to dying MPs for their vote, and busy misleading parliament and the people of Canada, should we even ask?
From the CP:
OTTAWA — Conservative staffers with minds of their own or speed-bumps under the wheels of Tory re-election buses?

The resignation of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's director of multicultural affairs added another name to the lengthy list of Conservative aides who have quit over stumbles, blunders or scandals.

Kasra Nejatian resigned last week after his name appeared on a party fundraising letter sent on Kenney's parliamentary letterhead. Kenney said Nejatian disobeyed his explicit instructions not to do partisan work at the ministerial office.

Nejatian is not alone. Since the Tories took power in 2006, at least a half-dozen staff have taken the blame for controversial actions they say were completely their own.

Half of those resignations occurred since the Conservatives announced that ministers would be accountable for the actions of their staff.

"There is a clear case to be made that the accountability of political staff ought to be satisfied through ministers," former House Leader Jay Hill told the Commons last May.

"Ministers ran for office and accepted the role and responsibility of being a minister. Staff did not."

I guess we can just chalk it up to more unreported criminal activity in Harperland.

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