Thursday, March 10, 2011


Stephen Harper says that the $530,000 buyout was the quickest and most efficient way to extricate disgraced integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet from her position.
The person the Harper regime put in place to oversee whistleblowers and watch over the ongoings of governmental departments had proven to be a colossal failure and drain on the department's resources -- unless of course you're the self-satisfied Prime Minister of a government with lots to hide.
It's bad enough when the odd leak gets out -- all governments know that -- so the occasional William Elliott situation or stompin' mad performance from the soon-to-be senator for Millhaven may create a bad impression on Stephen Harper, he of the carefully, psychic-guided image issue.
So, along with the free pile of taxpayers money is what is now guaranteed CONservative policy: a confidentiality agreement.
Nice to see Stephen Harper takes care of his own.
Could he at least do it with his own money for once?

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