Monday, March 14, 2011


Stephen Harper's boast of Canada being the new energy superpower was just one more of those fake channel changers, ie Northern Star... or was it?
While we all watch with horror, compassion and empathy at what's happening in Japan, we should be reminded that our own so-called leader was (is?) eager to plant Canada's energy future in the nuclear camp.
He's tried to tie his faux environmental plan (a plan that must include mermaids and unicorns, because all of them have the same basis in reality) to a nuclear 'strategy'.
Impolitical has treaded this topic well, here and here.
Harper's abject interest in reducing public oversight, breaking down a publicly owned corporation and selling it piecemeal to likely Harper-friendly big business stirred up some concern. But it's been well hidden and nearly forgotten.
Let's remind ourselves that Stephen Harper's central focus is reducing public investment in areas where he deems it 'competition' to his friends, to eliminate the government's ability to provide safeguards and checks and balances, and let industry police itself.
Oh, no doubt Harper's next spiel about 'nuclear' will be in that sweater voice, expressing caution while placating his allies with deep pockets. It's like handing out 0-down, 40-year mortgages in one sentence, then bemoaning the level of debt Canadians carry.
We don't need to hear his psychic dresser tell us where that could end up, do we?

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