Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's been obvious for a long time that the 'new' CONservative party knows no bounds when it comes to stooping.
They've changed the parameters of politics -- it's all about the win, and rules and honour are for whiners.
Their latest attack on Michael Ignatieff is again part of their modification of history, where they get to tell someone else's story. However, their latest launch is an incredibly new low -- attacking the dead relatives of the leader of the opposition.
For those who worry about the state of our country and the tenor of our nation's current leadership, every new gamesmanship strategy from Harper is a confirmation of what is wrong within our community. Non accountable, without ethics or moral compass, Stephen Harper's war machine will continue to salt the political landscape until people with backbone stand up, speak up and demand facts and reality as opposed to whispers, malicious lies and innuendo.
Do we really deserve that kind of governance?


Michael Harkov said...

You bloody hypocrites. And this is merely ONE example of MANY.

rockfish said...

Hah. That cyborg one was funny, but it was not put out by any official arm of the Liberal Party of Canada, nor has the Liberal Party of Canada or its leaders and spokespeople spent an iota of time or money on the innuendo and character assassination that comes naturally to you, the true hypocrites. If your next example of 'we can stoop as low as you (or as we imagined you would if you were as low as we)' was going to call up Kinsella and his Barney episode -- that came after Day's belief that man and dinosaurs walked together was revealed. And while mocking it was a juvenile and dumb move, I never saw Chretien or Martin take the bite.
What you are sanctioning is targeting someone, then targeting their dead family members. You want to rewrite people's history to benefit your weak, spiritless souls. Fantastic. You are the pathetic one but I'm sure you see that every time you look in a mirror.