Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A House of Commons human resources committee took three years to come up with 58 recommendations that Ottawa could utilize to fight poverty in Canada.
Guess who's not interested?
Stephen Harper's CONservative government, that's who. It's because Harper and sadsack minister/future jailbird wife Diane Finley have their own plans for the less fortunate of the land.
It involves prorogued promises, mega prisons for those practitioners of unreported crimes, and something extra -- courtesy of the Canadian taxpayers -- for those who take care of themselves first.
And if it's a job the poor are looking for, there's a position open in the PMO office: Wanted, stooge able to look guilty on command and able to take the hit when the $#!% hits the fan...

Oh, and those pesky stats that help both public and private groups research and reach out to those in poverty? Well, while they may be perfectly fine for assisting CON ministers in devising ways to scam the public for funding partisan ventures and misrepresenting government business, Stephen Harper has found a way to avoid having to answer to other 'special interest groups' like the poor, underrepresented and ungrateful.
But how about that cake, eh?

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