Friday, March 4, 2011


Naturally, Jason Kenney has a flunky to fall on his sword, just as Stephen Harper has one at the ready for any missteps.
Why wouldn't Harper try to ply his lies in other languages, too?
That Kenney's parliamentary secretary accidentally let the lid off the CONs latest swindle -- that's what you call it when the government uses public finances and machinery to lure in votes -- shouldn't surprise anyone. If anything, that has been the hallmark of Canada's New, er, the Stephen Harper Government.
Pitch, pitch pitch, and make sure the people know who's pitching. That credo has been used by previous Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments, too.
But there's a big difference in today's new world -- where programs and policy take a backseat to the partisan appeal.
It was revealed in the blatant cheque photo ops, in the corporate copying of Canada's Olympic logo, and in the minutia of every day governing. However, the budget-pinched world of the media, especially at the community level, hasn't had the power, inclination or heart to look into how their own Harper drones are milking the system.
Case in point -- Senator Yonah Martin. Here's a failed CON candidate, a political neophyte whose main task, if you can find her schedule and see her at work, is to troll for ethnic votes. Often at the lapel of Jason Kenney.
What has her contribution been to the senate, to the legislation that is supposedly getting sober second thoughts from her and her clones?
Harper is happy to keep us all in the dark -- and while the press give us Charlie Sheen schaudenfraude by the bucketload, it seems the truth will only surface when Harper's minions screw up.
Thankfully, there appears to be no shortage of Harper aides to throw under the bus.

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CanadianSense said...

Many groups feel the Liberals took them for granted. It appears this government is listening and acting and making tough decision including targeting illegal migrants and their lobbyists.

Is it working, heck yes. Same with religious groups and traditional families that share conservative values.

The Conservatives have adopted a very different, and more laudable, strategy in courting the immigrant vote — one that is apparent in the substance of the leaked memo from Mr. Kenney’s office. Canada’s liberal journalists may be aghast at the prospect of Ottawa soliciting immigrant support on the basis of “social conservatism” — but the fact is that many new Canadians are more religious and family-oriented than the rest of us. And the Conservatives owe no apologies for appealing to them on this basis. Certainly, it is preferable for our government to tap into immigrants’ shared sense of traditional Canadian values than to treat them through the lens of victimhood and identity politics. -National Post Editorial March 04, 2011