Friday, March 4, 2011


At the head of the CONservative party, your crimes are not their crimes.
Up is down. Right is wrong. Bad is good.
Stephen Harper made it so.
Now, the party that lied about standing for accountability and ethics has been slapped down once more for its scheme that would bilk Canadian taxpayers of over $800,000 that they eagerly wanted to stuff into their overflowing pockets.
Receipts that appear doctored.
Shock! -- Not.
Stephen Harper, he of the plagarized speech, of the entrapment 'Grewal tape', the man who OK'd an offer to a dying MP in exchange of his vote - now slyly defending his party's right to forge documents. A man of many broken promises who never saw a downed rival who he wouldn't kick.
His agents in the in-and-out falsified invoices threatened to lean heavily on their own Conservative people who stopped to question this scheme.
Yes, that guy.
Sure, there's the smoke-screen defence put up by No. 1 thug, the Rgt. Hon. Senator from Millhaven that Harper knew nothing of this scheme... Sgt. Schultz couldn't have said it better.
Liberals are right to state that the In-and-Out scandal is about character -- at the top.
Lack of it seems to be the next conclusion.

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