Monday, March 24, 2008


According to Stephen Harper, the Mexican justice system is working perfectly fine, thank you, and he wouldn't dare interfere with it as it deals with a Canadian.

According to Stephen Harper, torture and illegal detaining a Canadian teen soldier, is within the right of the United States.

According to Stephen Harper, his government wouldn't dare criticize Israel even if their actions result in the death of Canadian citizens.

But when the recently elected government of Ontario wants to make a 'made-in-Ontario' solution to the current troubling times in the global economy, Stephen Harper and his stooge Jim Flaherty suggest they're irresponsibly endangering the economy of Canada's largest province.
Although it is to laugh, coming from one of Ontario's worse finance ministers ever, and despite the reality that the Ontario government has already cut business taxes to the tune of $1.1 billion to affected sectors. To cut more would be to follow in Bushian economic folly, thus undercutting the province's ability to react and respond to any urgent needs in the future.
However, it is apparent that Harper's strategy of carpet bombing the Liberal colours, where ever and when ever possible, is a potential winner.
It distorts facts and disconnects reader/viewer from reality. Thus, despite the reality that Harper has whittled down a $14 billion dollar surplus to nickels in just two years -- while giving the average Joe and Josephine a .08 savings on their latte -- he's forecasting his troubles onto another leader.
Of course, it's the kind of leadership we'd expect in the Medici era, where all is fair in love and war.
And all those who rationalize Harper's tactics, silently theorize the gameplan, or tacitly agree with his bloodlust, are creating the same climate that begot the worst President in American history.

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