Friday, March 21, 2008


This story gets stickier and stickier.
It's obvious that Brenda Martin is suffering from the effects of being persecuted and been robbed of her dignity in this whole affair by the Mexican authorities. Whether that country's justice system requires a speedy trial and fair and open discourse over the charges laid, it appears from afar that the opposite has actually occurred.
It's been two years already.
And that's where the questions for the Harper government come bobbing up. Where the hell have you been?
Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who's been on this case for many months now, has been pressing for answers and action. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin visited Ms Martin -- no relation -- during a business trip last week.
Prior to that, Harper's potted plants gave canned statements and mild inquiries into the whole affair, virtually defending the Mexican justice system instead of Ms. Martin. Of course, when you remember their reaction to the poor Canadians who were caught, and some killed, during the bombing of Lebanon, I'd say you can see that this is par for the course.
But now that the media has finally jumped with both feet onto this story, Harper's Half-Assed team is stumbling into action.
But now we can see a few of the carpetbaggers for what they are.
Shadow-caster and secretary of multiculturalism Jason Kenney joined Ontario CON MP Rick Norlock for a visit yesterday with Ms. Martin, under the guise of 'getting things done.'
They were apparently accompanied by a CTV camera crew, who fortunately took time out of sunning themselves to catch the pair looking concerned and making tortilla-like frowns over Ms. Martin's situation.
Harper's emissaries are on the job!
But when you read this CTV story -- and note, previous stories carried by the same website that offer a straight, unbiased reportage have a CP tag -- it's as though Harper and his merry band have been right on top of this, Gunga Din fashion, trying to carry Ms Martin to safety. Just look at that lead - "Prime Minister Stephen Harper has intervened on behalf of Brenda Martin, a Canadian imprisoned in Mexico, just days after she made an impassioned, desperate plea to Harper to save her life."
The word "intervened" carries with it a powerful, dramatic meaning. But from everything else we can read and see, it's more like Harper took another siesta, typed his daily quotient of that Hockey Book he's working on, rifled through a few boxes of Timbits, sent out a few memoes on gagging civil servants, and then called Calderon for a weather report.
If anything, he's proven to be more dithering than Paul Martin. But Harper can't even feign true concern, as even his words stick with some prickly jargon meant to remind Liberal-friendly people that you too can be thrown into a Mexican gulag.
Scary still, is that it appears he has another willing enabler in distracting Canadians from his incompetence of disinterest.
I'd bet that the CTV honcho who okayed the above story Tuesday had already worked out an exclusive deal with the PMO on being part of the 'Kenney Magical Rescue ship.'
They went down there expecting to get footage of Ms. Martin being comforted and embraced and then calling it a day.
It's a 'you-scratch-my-back' kind of arrangement not so uncommon on various levels, but not usually on something where death or lengthy imprisonment are an option.
When Paul Martin ventured to the woman's prison hold, he had no cameras, and he has given no interviews.
Kenney and his tan-buddy have been trying to do damage control from the moment things started turning a murky brown on this case.
And for more evidence of that, read this.
The MP from her own hometown, the Norluck drone, apparently had little interest in Ms Martin's future residence back when it was a minor story. Kind of reminds me of Harper and crew's 'concern' for Maher Arar back during his Syria 'holiday'. Just another fishy flip-flop that the MSM has given Harper a pass on.
Until it served them, they didn't lift a finger. And now that its on the 11 o'clock cycle, the Harper team is going guerilla on it. Isn't that precious.
If you were thinking of voting for these guys, do yourself a favour -- don't travel without the phone number of the local CBC or CTV office. Because unless your story makes the evening news, your troubles aren't Canada's.


Anonymous said...

Brenda Martin seems to be the architect of most of her own misfortunate. The media is jumping on this issue hoping to embarrass the Harper government.
The more the story develops, the less I see it in the media.
Something smelly in the whole affair?
She could have been freed immediately when the Liberals were in power. Why wasn't she?
Despite wishful Liberal dreaming this does not hurt Mr. Harper.
Next media manufactured scandal please!!!

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous is yet another example of twisted and disgraceful Reform spin. Having done nothing for two years on this case and with all evidence pointing to a vindictive prosecutor who awaits his $500,000 bribe from the scheme's mastermind, the Conservative's substitute their own indifference and failure on this case with blaming the victim.

Textbook Reform-Cons, like the above anonymous, wont allow the facts to get in the way of their crude and ill informed rant; Brenda Martin was incarcerated 2 weeks after the Conservatives took power (Feb 17, 2006)!

Looks like the frith from their mouths has trickle over to their eyes. Blind to the problem, blind to the truth.

Elmer Gutteridge