Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'd like to feign quell surprise but why bother?
A study released by Canwest has shown that Stephen Harper has been splurging on federal funds in Quebec, and targeted his CON-held ridings by a big margin.
The economic development funds should either be distributed equally, or even better, proportionately to ridings where economic factors have put the region at a disadvantage.
But as is in Harper's world, the advantage goes to the victor, and those other have to abide for their smaller portion of the spoils.
The CONserfative ridings received more than one-and-a half times more funding -- $10.8 million to $6.6 -- than those held by the Bloc. And the 13 ridings with Liberal MPs? They received an average of $3.2 million.
Don't get this confused with a 'bail-out' either. It's specific to Quebec's needs. So all you other provinces, put your hands back in your pockets -- at least until Stephen tells you otherwise.
(The study was done last summer, just prior to the by-election wins by the CON's invisible backbencher and NDPs Mulcair -- but I wouldn't doubt that Mulcair's riding is getting close to the Bloc funding. Jack and Stephen are on good terms, you know.
Most of the Liberal ridings are in urban centres. As an attempt to punish those who vote Liberal, it's quite cunning. However, as an effort to convince those people that you are a benevolent servant fit to govern the whole province, the effort could very likely backfire. Its on the assumption that Quebeckers do not care about fairness in governance. That they can be completely bought over by a bribe. How well did that tactic work for your hand-picked agent during the provincial election?
Stephen Harper's foil-hatted minions will just say, 'You did it too!'
Even if it was true, those of you who suffered all those years in opposition should be considering that reflection in the mirror. Those supposed things you hated the Liberals for? That's now you.
But the fact is the CON party and its so-called leader's myopic hatred of all things Liberal will be his downfall.

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