Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There's a big kerfuffle among Libloggers on what is the role of a liberal blogger.
Should they be cheerleaders or open, thoughtful commentators, who'll criticize when the urge hits them? Of course, there are many wise and talented Libloggers out there who do all of the above, some of the above, or even more.
It's whatever that liblogger chooses to do with his own blog, in my mind.
The somewhat heavihandedness of Jason does seem to be too much of a con-servative-type suggestion (although the CONs suggestions include an exclamation point) where criticism and dissent is bad. However, I also agree that the chief ideal behind my blog is to help end this government's bipolar and neo-destructive reign, so I try to write things which will reveal my view of the CON game.
Telling this guy to get lost is a serious mistake, however. In the end, his openness along with many others may serve or not serve our cause, but we will need the hearts and minds of many that are being critical at this time -- and there is reason to criticize, although i prefer to do majority of it in private -- when the real battle begins. Free to feel, free to think -- that will never be something the CONs can pitch as a slogan.
I'm sure the few who check my blog on occasion have noted that i border on the shrill -- partisan is definitely my intention. But i am a trained journalist and do see many of the things which have raised concerns and angst among my blog colleagues.
My continued focus will be that journalism motto -- to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Few could argue that the Liberal Party of Canada isn't among the afflicted (and self-inflicted) during these tough times.

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