Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who me, cynical?

One can only imagine the merry-go-round of policy considerations the Harpor CONservatoids ran through the mill entering their budgetary bull sessions. More money for the military? How about more guns and a few nunchucks for police? Kittens in every pot?
Nope, not even that creative (tho we have no idea what happens behind CON HQ's doors...).Apparently their whole bag of tricks is a litany of 'Yoink!', the game of a chocolate bar on a string.
First it was a bushel of Kyoto-friendly projects like the One Tonne Challenge - yanked from operation. A few months later, or in the average time it takes for a mocking focus group to point out what a moronic idea that was -- and poof! Harpor suddenly has crafted a very similar facsimile. Amazing no one is asking whether killing one project, and a few months later restarting the exact same thing is financially responsible. But hey, we appreciate the faint praise of being copied. Now, he's added the cynical ploy of reinstating funding for Women's Centres, after causing havoc and worry in a service which handles the concerns and tragedies of thousands of women on a daily basis Canada-wide. In other words, 'Hey, there's an election coming up - now you see it! After we are elected to office? Now you don't.'

FROM KAMLOOPS NEWS... In a press release issued Thursday, Kamloops MP Betty Hinton said the $5 million announced by Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda represents a 42 per cent increase to the Status of Women Canada budget, putting it at $15.3 million.

The announcement came on International Women’s Day.

“This is the largest budget in the history of Status of Women Canada,” she said.

The $5 million, aimed at the women’s community fund and the women’s partnership fund, kicks in April 1.

“These enhancements to the Women’s Program will make a real difference in the lives of Canadian women who are facing challenges,” Hinton said.

Archibald said the Vancouver Status of Women office closed Feb. 28 and the department as a whole has seen cuts under the federal Tories.'...

Harpor has learned well, grasshopper. See the pebble wedged between his chubby palm? Yes, it was yours and he took it. Now try and take it away, oh young and impetuous one.
Aha! Not so fast. Imperial wizard is too quite quick, despite his sluggish, Baby Huey girth. Come back when it is election time, and then you shall have what was yours again.

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