Sunday, March 25, 2007


Imagine the outrage from CON-servatoids had a federal Liberal government gone out and handed a huge sum of tokens to Quebec during a provincial election. Imagine that the Quebec Liberal gov't of the day then turns around and announces the money sent to Quebec -- which didn't go to every gov't -- was now going to be doled out as tax deductions.
Howls of disgust and outrage would have come from the right, centre-right and far-right. Alberta would be talking firewall. The MPs from the western provinces would be buying rope and finding the few remaining trees on their acreage for some good ol' fashion justice.
Ok, instead its a CON gov't doing the give-away. King Harpor even tells Quebecers that he'll make deals with the next Quebec gov't, as long as its federalists. This tactic and trait is not something that should surprise Canadians; Harpor has pulled this card numerous times. Some people suggest this is a characteristic of strength.
Others may support the theory that this is a blind, self-centred game-player who has no foresight at the risk he's playing.
Well, in fact Harpor isn't blind, but he is self-centred. He is obsessed, but most politicians -- and Harpor with little true work experience is one of those career politicians who couldn't handle real world tasks without whining to his wife.
But maybe he is stepping up the nature of his game. How else to give Alberta coverage for his previous inclination to 'firewalling' than be creating wedges between Quebec and the rest of Canada? Is it much of a stretch considering how this 'so-called leader' has constantly tossed grenades of malarkey just to create wedge issues?
Don't forget, this is the man who's good buddies with 'The Decider.' He still blames Liberals for not 'standing beside their best friend' during their war on Iraq.
If Charest wins, its a breakaway goal for Harpor. If the other side wins, Harpor sees it as collatoral damage. And he can move towards statism of provinces. All Hail the Chief!

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