Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Wow, few people could have imagined such a result from last night's Quebec provincial election. Dumont carries his anonymous team of ADQers into official opposition status, scoring more votes than the PQ... Meanwhile, Charest hangs onto his seat by a clown's haircut. And who's in control of the agenda, with the PQ as a solid 3rd party?
Now, before even the dust has settled, some are trying to score this as evidence of a right-turn by the Canadian-Quebec populace. Who knows?
It seems a tad premature to ejaculate on how this is the calm before a Harpor Majority... I like how Red Tory (and ) suggests that the result may be just as equally a slap in the face of both Liberal and Tory, beyond the obvious PQ and Charest snub... As he puts it "Far from having defeated nationalism, Harper (sic) has helped breathe new life into it. Is this too part of his brilliant master plan for the country or simply an unintended consequence of his fumbling quest for power?"

While I reside on the west coast and have little feel for Quebecois thinking, I have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to their politics. They've embraced some of the dorkiest politicians (Bourassa, Levesque, Daniel Johnson (not Pierre-Marc) and Duceppe) and celebrated setting their own trends inside their own borders.
But maybe Quebecers woke up Tuesday just as surprised and even a little tres shocked at their decision. Certainly I don't think their communities would embark on a right-of-centre shift with conviction, taking in the whole 'racism as chic' tone that seemed to be emitted from a few ADQ candidates. I wouldn't doubt that their general ennui with Charest, who let's not forget was the man Harpor spread his largesse around the past year, courting him like Burton wooed Taylor. All that's missing was the big zarconian diamond...

But perhaps this is a natural shrug from the Quebecois, who quivered after Harpor's blank cheque of 'Quebec as a nation' bluffoonery, where in one stroke the PMSh upstaged Dion and accidentally handed Duceppe a perfectly good canard inwhich to feast his separatist plot on...

All that's left to ask is: pour Quois?

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