Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ouch. It's gotta hurt when you've had your own raison d'etre thrown in your face, even if it is a fictious one at that.
But I guess this is a prime example of Promise Made, Promise Broken. Along with Bullish Braggart Caught, Bullish Braggard Pistol-whipped.
But who would have thought that ol' I-Can-Take-A-Punch Stevie, just two months after heading knee-cap height for the new leader of the opposition with unprovoked and out-of-republican-dirty-campaign-tricks manual with negative ads, can't seem to take his own medicine.
That's what Crown Prinz Harpor has had to face this week, when loose cannon but all-powerful Danny Williams is riding your tail. Caught with another brutal back-flip of major proportions (ahem, the lineup includes, Income Trusts are Sacred!", "We'll stand UP for Canada... unless its just lots and lots of money and a few unfair trade advantages that the US wants, then sign us UP!", "We'll bring accountability back to Ottawa ... but not until we've had our fill!", "I'm for an elected, effective senate" etc), Harpor in his big placebo to Quebec harpuppet Charest, hands over a huge Ed McMahon sized cheque and flips the bird to Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and BC, to name a few. He promised to exclude non-renewable resource revenue from any equalization formula. He put it in writing. He campaigned on it. But when it comes to action, Harpor is just one weak Wallenda-move after another.

Now Williams, a proud and actually financially astute conservatide, unlike our PM, has taken out newspaper ads targeting the Pudgy One: "Is this what Canada stands for now?.. It was a simple, unequivocal promise. And he broke it."

Guess Williams never thought he'd be in the same boat as pensioned seniors, teacher unions, daycare providers, forestry workers, and First Nations people, but there you go -- the list of those royally screwed by Harpor continues to grow.
The ad even quotes a Gaelic proverb that appeared on Tory campaign literature produced for the last election: "There's no greater fraud than a promise not kept."
How apropos.

Trying to divert attention from this mess, and heck, with no minority group or Liberal to smear in his view, Harpor defended his lie with the usual dodge.
"What we're seeing is confrontation for the sake of confrontation," Harpor told the House of Commons (not sure if he was quoting a Vancouver Sun article, but I think a kettle somewhere is calling Harpor's name...).
Williams' words likely won't stick too long, even if the ring of truth is all over it. It's just eastern Canadians squawking again. And you know they are always looking for a handout, right Stevie?

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