Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Harpor wants the Canadian voter to think that he's a compassionate, almost liberal-minded (very small l) leader by his solemn apologies to Chinese head tax recipients and to Maher Arar, although he almost took glee in making sure to point out that these incidents happened under OTHER administrations.
Today, however, his lackey of Indian Affairs Jim Prentice told the Globe and Mail's Bill Curry that the apologies won't be extended to members of First Nations who were victims of residential school abuse... "The agreement did not call for an apology," he said. "I don't propose to reopen the provision of the agreement."

Of course the whole settlement for this shameful period of Canadian history, which began in 1974 and ended only 11 years ago, was spearheaded by Paul Martin's government two years ago. Some might call it one of Martin's many 'death-bed priorities', however getting it done was the main goal. The victims didn't care, but wanted what was due. Anne McLellan, then deputy minister, wrote "there is a need for an apology that will provide a broader recognition of the Indian Residential Schools legacy and its effect upon First Nation communities.'

Prentice said the rationale behind not apologizing wasn't legal-based. In other words, there is no political currency when it comes to doing what's right for Canada's First Nations people.
In the Globe article, he added:

"...I think the circumstances are completely different from Maher Arar or also from the Chinese head tax."

Prentice didn't really quantify this... Is it because First Nations people were heathens in 1974 and rightfully reeducated, whether that included a good regular whipping or worse? Or maybe he's just following Mulrooney's timetable, who promised one election to compensate Japanese-Canadians for their internment during WWII, and held off until the end of his mandate before fulfilling it -- after hundreds more had died waiting.
If you strip a child of his history, his language and his pride, are they any better off than someone who had been separated from their wife and family? Had we just insisted that they paid a tax of say $5,000 to get out of it, would that have been better?
Lets face it, the CON-servatoids are now free of all apologies. It's only the Mickey Spillane attitude now for those who aren't blindly partizan in his favour. Harpor has found that the best way to a majority is to be bull-ish on your enemies and cold to those who won't bow down.

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