Thursday, March 15, 2007


Apparently PM Harpor is getting help from some of the best comedy writers in Ottawa.
The newly minted ‘Green Machine’ PM accused Liberal leader Stephane Dion of being a ‘johnny-come-lately on crime’…

“After spending the last couple of months opposing every tough-on-crime measure, voting down his own anti-terrorism measures, bashing the police in the House of Commons, he now wants to be tough on crime,” Harper said.
“I hope it lasts, because the government has a lot of important tough-on-crime legislation and if this is a sincere conversion, we can get on with actually moving that in the House of Commons,” he added.

The common skeptic may shake his head wondering what kind of beer goggles the Harporites will wear on this, nowing that they parrot the talking points incessantly. Conversions? Harpor has become the world's fattest pretzel trying to twist his way into a majority. Conviction? Apparently where the CONs are involved, that is something you only do after they leave office.

When it comes to law and order, recent Liberal governments can be accused of failing to capitalize and politicize the issue to the extreme. Not that they didn't make the odd attempt. Take an issue and use it, yes. Blow it up and scream ‘FIRE!’ Oh, those are the new Tory practices. Always beats real effective action, I suppose.

Dion had a quick retort to the Bulgey One’s remark…

“He’s stopped being outrageous,” Dion said of Harper’s accusation that he is “against the police. . . . He started to be
“The Conservatives promised 2,500 more police in our cities; they didn’t do it,’’ Dion added. “Where are they? It’s a
broken promise.”

“If he wants to come with something more effective to fight crime instead of having headlines he wants for political reasons . . . I am very willing to co-operate with the prime minister,” Dion said.

In London, Dion told the crowd of about 100 youth that the Liberals are no newcomers to dealing with crime.
“Crime rates fell 22 percent right across the board [under the former Liberal government],” he noted.
“We are Liberals, we don’t believe in filling jails, we believe in filling schools and filling minds,” Dion stressed.

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