Saturday, November 10, 2007


When you're such a master of spin, it's dizzying when the spinner gets caught.
Here's betting most of the mSm will miss the point that sticks out like a sore thumb with Stephen Harper's Aboot-Face on looking into the Lyin' Brian Affair.
His foolish threat last week, publicly dodging a responsibility and trying to openly threaten the opposition at the same time looked just a tad-too-much from pro wrestling's script.
Never mind that Harper has already introduced the ol' 'Digging in the Closet for Liberal skeletons to be used at some later date' (hmmm, maybe around election time?). It's just more of the school-yard bully Canadians have come to feel cool and fuzzy about over the past 22 months.
Maybe its to distract people from other small quibbles that have impeded Harper's image makeover, like unplugging democratically elected candidates.
However, he may just have stepped into this one in a way he didn't intend. Not only has he given the opposition a window on an ol' scandal -- funny how old issues tend to do so much damage -- but he's pedalling backwards to ensure his own conduct isn't under scrutiny.
Now, trying to cover his tracks and possibly supplicate his base, Harper is trying to look on top of things again. Give the guy credit -- he has no shame when it comes to pretending that his impotent ambivalence one day is now his greatest concern the next.
It doesn't seem a week goes by when he doesn't pull a hypocritical backflip before the media, likely smiling to the cronies in the backroom after the teleprompter is turned off.
That's our Leader. Not.

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900 ft Jesus said...

I'm damn glad this is coming out. Glad Stevie's name was mentioned as well and that he announced he and his party will distance themselves from Mulroney for now. Mulroney's comments were very curt after hearing of Stevie's plans for an inquiry - which is empty - but Mulroney will not be kind in his words concerning Harper after this. he's a vindictive creature.

I'll enjoy watching these self-serving pricks squirm.