Friday, November 23, 2007


I hate to beat a deadhorse, but when everyone is pillaring Canada for its sudden shift to sanction the death penalty (in countries where the gov't has been duly elected, bought or trumped up by a irrational judiciary) I can't see why repetition isn't warranted.
Now it's the Council of Europeans shaming the Harper government for not standing up and requesting that a Canadian on US death row have his sentence commuted. That doesn't mean he's let off, nor is it a demand for them to turn him over (although that could although very unlikely be the result). It means we don't believe in the concept of an eye for an eye.
And this just doesn't apply to the death penalty, but charges and serious injustices that other governments, elected or otherwise, may bring forward and impose upon Canadians without a fair and clear process.
If the MsM would just connect the simple dots that follow this decision by the Harper government and, while in opposition, their handling of the Arar kidnapping in 2002. Here is an example of one man, accused without any need to show their evidence, being exported to be tortured for accused crimes that remain unexplained still today.
In 2002, Harper chose not to stand up for that Canadian citizen, but instead supported blindly the power of the U.S. in dishing out 'justice' to whomever they see fit. He then proceeded to attack the gov't of the day, suggesting they stood up for terrorists. No standard trial, no scales of justice. Kind of like, creating a make-shift prison on a remote island where you can march your manacled 'terrorists' into a pulp, without having to explain yourself, reveal your evidence nor exhibit the acts of humane nation.
He wasn't for the principle of 'innocent before proven guilty', nor the belief that the Canadian government is the representative of ALL Canadians, innocent or guilty.
No, in fact, his misguided Van Sloan-ized tirade against Dalton for daring to stand up for Ontarians is another example of how he sees the world through rigid partisan lens. It's as though his lust to smite the Liberals and what they stand for boils inside him like a rancid meat sub.
If it wasn't so disgusting, it would be to laugh.

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