Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It may be 'playing to your base', but the CONserfative government's decision to 'pick-and-choose' its moral authority, or is it an obligation?, in defending Canadians at large is something that should concern everyone.
Never mind that a poll, strangely commissioned by this Over-the-Top gang that doesn't want to re-open the death penalty issue (then why fund a poll on it?!). If there is no 'hidden agenda' with Stephen Harper, then why is he slipping in these decisions without so much as a debate in the House or a float of a trial letter-to-the-editor? Now THAT'S Leadership!
Even newspapers from strong Conserfative bases are questioning the government's moral authority and fibre on this change in policy.
There are enough skeletons lurking outside the closet door to indicate that Harper's not-so-hidden agenda exists. While the MsM is adamant that a man should not be held responsible for the things he said in the distant past, but what about the near past?
Had this gang been in power, would they measure the merits of standing up for this man or this man? Which would they choose, if they chose either? It certainly is obvious where they stand on this case -- the lone country to not request repatriation of their prisoner from this anti-Geneva prison.
And when they say 'democratically elected government', then why isn't this man on their radar? Or is it just governments that support their causes, like this one? Well, I'm sure once they are finished fighting the opposition tooth and nail they'll spend a little time standing up for Canadians and a moral obligation. But what would they do if it was China, prepared to execute a Canadian for providing abortions?
In the Stephen Harper world, justice is a 52-card deck. If you aren't one of their chosen causes, you will be at the will of the draw.
Another case of Not-So-Hidden-But-Scary-Just-The-Same Stephen.

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