Thursday, November 8, 2007


So eager to put 'A Just Society' six-feet under, Stephen Harper and his McMahon-and-Tate-less government has dug to the dullest depths in search of a slogan.
One that would set Canadians' feet a tappin', but the first incarnation 'Canada's New Government' wore thin after 16 or so months.
Not that it wasn't new, because they sure acted like it.
Now, Harper has turned to mixing religious metaphors with astrological signposts, by bleating 'Northern Star' when ever there's a pause in the teleprompter.
How has it caught on, now three weeks into its existence?
Well, how about a lead balloon?
If Harper's goal is to eradicate such liberal platforms and achievements as multiculturalism, universality and strong federalism, he needs to get back to the drawing board.
Unless of course, this is just the first step to Canada becoming 'Northern Star State.'

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