Friday, November 23, 2007


A serious chill is in the air and one could be excused if they thought it eminated from Ottawa. The CONs continue to put a freeze on keeping their promises, unless there's a photo-op attached. There latest reversal? How about hacking the wages of our fighting men and women in uniform.
Harper loves to paint himself as the man of the Forces, propping his big belly beside any gathering of soldiers if there's a camera in range. But his latest move -- despite what appears to be an ever-growing explosion of financial lucre coming from the treasury department -- really should be making everyone, including the Blue Men Group's tin-foil cheerleaders, go Whaaa?
Naturally, blogging CONs are aghast at such a move. Not. In fact, catch some of the rhetoric being spewed over at wise emissary Red Tory's booth and you get the gist that CONs don't quite stand behind the forces when it comes to giving them a decent wage.
Well, you say it wasn't a promise really. It's just the meme that Harper wanted the electorate to believe. Sort of like telling seniors and business leaders that income trusts were safe under their watch. Or that government social programs were protected because the bureaucracy and judiciary were there to be a check or balance. Maybe just to be bludgeoned is what he really meant to say.
Like those yule logs being sold at Canadian Tire, the promises and official stands of Harper's CONs pre-government and post-government are geared to last but a few hours before they become ashes.
Create 125,000 daycare spaces? Nadda. Improve health care wait lists? Zippo. Something about accountability? Gotcha!
How about a new, independent voice on the world stage? Oops!
It appears that the best time to catch Stephen Harper lying is to ask him what he and his government is going to do next...

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