Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Golly! When you're right, you're right.
Canada has found a willing partner in its fight to battle climate change as an 'all-or-nothing' buffet meal -- that megatropolis of the bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago. Scheduled to host the Commonwealth states' next summit in 2009, Trinidad and Tobago realize, that as an industrial nation, there's no sense in trying to take action unless everyone's onboard. If we want to protect the Mayberry-way of life, holding onto our comfortable 1950s mindset, we have to stand up to those other action figures. Climate change, after all, only affects those who don't vote, right? Just like our own sluggish leader, they understand that emitters like China and India won't be shamed or scolded into reducing greenhouse gases, nor should they be. There'll be no 'me first' when it comes to global warming.
Only by seeing the powerful duo of Canada and Trinidad and Tobago standing up to those debunkers of global inaction, the European Union, and Indonesia, and Japan, and a couple dozen or more other countries plus approximately 88 per cent of all major scientific institutions, will the two Asiatic polluters see the point.
It's an amazing ruse. And if you don't mind holding the next Commonwealth meeting in a boat or under water, I think its smashing.
And let's all agree that when it comes to not taking a lead on climate change, Stephen Harper is a leader. What the world needs now, is a united isolationist approach, and our zaftig Harper appears up for the challenge. If we only had him around when the world was fighting apartheid, the Nazis, polio....

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