Thursday, December 31, 2009


From my buddy burlivespipe, a clever ditty to the music of Petula Clark's Downtown...

"When promises are broke
And parliament's missing the joke
You can always close - Prorogue!
If you've got committees
Making noise and getting sniffy
There's no better time - Prorogue!

Just listen to the talking points echo on Chas. Adler
Linger on that Liberals did it -is it any badder?
How can you lose?

The truth is no problem then
Forget about Geneva and do photo ops again and again
and go
Prorogue! Things'll be better when you
Prorogue! You're not accountable if you
Prorogue! The GG's waiting for you....

Why hang around
when Fox News ain't on the ground
and Olympic hockey's on? Prorogue!
The budget's blown and Obama won't phone
So tell the media where to go - Prorogue!

No one's accountable if no one's there
To watch you
Just act like nothing's wrong while Jimbo fumbles with his new shoes
What are they gonna do?

Those bills will just wait for you then,
Election promises cancelled by king's pen
Prorogue! Things'll be great when you
Prorogue! You're not accountable
Prorogue! The GG's waiting for you...."


Marx-A-Million said...

The truth you speak is what I think. I am furious! I'm not sure why I am furious, but when I see my brave Xena Warrior Princess Libby Davies rocking her lips of fury, I am placed into a hypnotic trance of moral outrage.

penlan said...

Cutting & pasting this same comment on every liberl post in the blogosphere is making you look foolish. Get a life!

willson said...

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