Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Who's Alan Smithee, you say?
He's the fictitious director whom is called upon to take the credit when a real director, due to usually having had his film cut and edited by a meddling (but occasionally well-intentioned) producer, pulls his name off the picture.
Now that so-called leader Stephen Harper has requested an additional $1.7 Million to cover video and communications budgetary overruns, it's time that Canadians get a say in who should be directing the action* (or non-action, in Copenhagen, Kyoto and any environmentally accountable state)...
Wasting money isn't a problem when its all about Harper's image. Personally, I think the only living director who could keep up with the turns, twists and mounting costs would be Michael Cimino, he of the legendary Heaven's Gate fiasco. But with the way Harper's blown through Canada's surplus, perhaps disaster king Roland Emmerich (who's 2012 has provided a Harperesque apocalypse to the free world) is the man for the job.
Now, if he was still alive, I think the one who's real calling was meant to cover the life and times of Harper and his band of secreters is Edward D. Wood Jr. and his cashmire sweaters -- I'm certain they come in Baird and Moore sizes.
Really, do Canadians know what is going on in Ottawa?

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"Tati-Pag├Ęs-Soulbizarre" said...

hola. som els amics d'alan smithee des de Catalunya-Spain