Monday, December 14, 2009


...of the unaccountable?
With these corporations miffed at his decision to let in Egyptian company Globallive to compete in the cell phone market, there is some unhappiness from Rogers, Bell and Telus -- corporations who've been towing the line and cheering Harper's promise of 'business-friendly hidden changes'.
Now there's these: The rest of the world pretty much in agreement - Canada's government is acting irresponsible when it comes to acting on the environment.

- Unlike the U.S., Canada has no concrete game plan for achieving its targets.

- Former PM Paul Martin (the one who could balance a budget, remember the good ol' days?) says Canada needs to get U.S. to share some of the burden of oilsands ugliness.

- Premiers of Canada's two largest provinces demand that the 'rest' of Canada make same kind of environmental targets that they've set.

With pressure on Canada to act, and a verbal game of chicken by our so-called leader, who has tied his slow-footed action with the U.S., oil executives are feeling the heat whenever Harper makes like he's taking glacier-like steps towards doing the will of the people. No doubt, big oil has Harper's ear. But they also know that popular opinion outside Alberta is that we're not doing enough.
Unlike Harper's role model GWB, Canada's prime minister is not afraid to be a divider, not a uniter. He'll be happy to attack Ontario and Quebec just as he stiff-armed Atlantic Canada just because he could. Unfortunately, there's all those votes...

And for a great piece on the CON's choke chain and who's holding it, check out this story.


CanadianSense said...

The LPOC are in bed with Bay street big companies including the Telcos.

Can't you get the facts straight?

JC stopped the massive corp. donations to protect his legacy and punish the Martin Liberals.

The CPC raised small donations only.

Need a link to elections Canada?

rockfish said...

You're joking right? Just because your party of choice knows how to punk the rules doesn't mean anyone believes you.
The links between telecommunications and these companies are there. They all follow the same master - money. Ethics to them are the same to Harper, an inconvenient standard that they are eager to shed.
So keep looking underneath those couch cushions - you may find your sense sometime soon.

Big Winnie said...

As each day passes, more and more cracks appear in Harper's armour.

I've heard that Canada has now received 6 Fossil awards in Copenhagen (courtesy of David Miller and the CBC). Is that something to be proud of? I think not.

What Harper has managed to do is destroy Canada's reputation on the world scene and for that, I'm ashamed to be a Canadian.

CanadianSense said...


you mean like Joe Volpe fundraising methods?

I just read a recent article another Liberal found guilty for fraud in Quebec.

A Liberal Senator charged with fraud two years paid and he is expensing meals as still.

Now the Quebec Liberals won't allow an inquiry into the Road Construction contracts?

Dalton Ehealth?

Sorry can't spend all day listing Liberals 'ethical' mistakes...

Feel free to list BM from 20 years ago, I never voted for him.

I voted liberal John Nunziata.

Anonymous said...

There's always a few idiots like CanadianSense who believe their party has a monopoly on ethical behaviour. History has shown that there is no political party in Canada that holds a higher moral ground than any of the others. So give your head a shake CanadianSense.

Luke said...

Ex-MP Jaffer to appear on driving, drug charges
Jaffer, a resident of Angus, Ont., was arrested on Sept. 11 after police stopped a Ford Escape that had been travelling at high speed through the village of Palgrave, northwest of Toronto.
Jaffer had his licence suspended for 90 days and was charged with impaired driving and possession of cocaine by the Ontario Provincial Police.

ORANGEVILLE, Ont. — The court case of Rahim Jaffer, the former Conservative MP from Alberta featured in anti-drug campaign ads, has been put off until Nov. 16.
Jaffer, husband of federal Tory cabinet minister Helena Guergis, is facing cocaine possession and drunk driving charges.

A widow said her husband was bribed for his vote

CanadianSense said...

I don't pretend one party is perfect but I did enjoy the fact an ex mp name was brought up and my examples are existing Liberals. Go figure.

You don't have to look very far for troubles in the LPOC.

You must have more than one ex-mp who lost his seat years ago.

CanadianSense said...

I am hoping they can beat the Chretin/Martin Liberals of 89 Fossil Awards.

Anonymous said...

How about the CURRENT Prime Minister trying to bribe a dying MP to vote for him. Disgusting and unethical!

CanadianSense said...

Still nothing?

Anonymous said...

Now I get it, by CanadianSense's standards when a Prime Minister tries to bribe a dying MP it is nothing if it is done by a Conservative. Then there was the last Conservative Prime Minister, Lian Mulroney; my we could talk alot about his unethical behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Foe Canadian nonSense....the Liberal fundraiser recently found guilty of illegal fundraising was given his fundraising from Mr.Chuck remember him...he was a MEMBER of the Brian Mulroney cons and was grandfathered to the liberal party....that is where the sponsorship crap started ..with the Crappers.

Anonymous said...

By the way, how many investigations has Elections Canada had against the Conservative Party? Oh, but I guess even if they are found guilty of those that would be 'nothing' as well.

CanadianSense said...

Investigations vs convictions ?

Any links anon to your posts about those convictions?

Auditor General sparked the Liberal scandals.

Strange how Elections Canada won't collect GST overpayments from the opposition parties, only investigated one party for funding.

Court is hearing both cases EC will have to explain why political parties should not return taxpayers money.

Don't forget in a few day the deadbeat liberals will have to repay the leadership debts from 2006.

A very bad year for the coalition and LPOC.