Sunday, December 6, 2009


...or is it another episode of as the leadership turns?
There is no actual evidence to suggest the writer wasn't suffering the consequences of too many acid trips, wants to treat his wife with the Christmas present of a lifetime -- a senate seat for 8* years -- or has a really dull imagination.
While all things Liberal seem to be where the fun stories emerge, one who once believed that journalism was an honourable profession is now full of 'hit-for-hire' scribblers and 'do-anything-for-promotion' mediocrities.
Yes, I know. Whining about the media wasn't chic when they seemed too focused on the CONs and their leadership trivolties; its no more useful these days.
But perhaps a good question for inquisitive and really earnest journalists to ponder is, while Liberals may be questioning their leader's choice to back a policy which could be unpopular among the masses (even though he is being consistent - hey, even I'm on record as saying the Liberals should have opposed the HST), but where is the conscious of the CONservative party and its members these days?
They sit silently in B.C. and Ontario on the HST matter. They ape despicable talking points to slime a high ranking bureaucrat and do not stand up and say they support the Geneva Convention's law against torture.
Instead, they weave their spider's web, redact any and all federal documents that may reveal the truth, and share it only with those who share their rationale that the end always justifies the means. Just don't ask them to stand up and say what that 'mean' is. Perhaps we'll all be happy when Canada really becomes Alberta, services cut to the bone, honest, intelligent debate is rarely welcomed, and money is king, queen and Lord.
So Angelo, where are those men and women who are suppose to represent Canada and Canadians to the best of their abilities?
Paging Dr. Faust...

*actual service time will vary; CON-approved members reserve the right to disavow such a promise should the government on their 8th anniversary be of other than the CON party; or if they just don't want to quit.


penlan said...

Angelo P. is not a journalist. He is an opinion writer with a once-a-week column & has been targeting the Libs & Ignatieff for a long time. Just take a look at a lot of his previous columns. There is a difference between being a journalist & being an opinion writer - although for the last 4 years that line has been getting blurred. Little in-depth reporting is happening now. All talking points from whichever Party but mostly the Cons. Lazy, lazy media.

rockfish said...

thanks for the correction/observation. The columnist gave the 'air' of a journalist, but just like the copy he couldn't pull it off.