Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Funny how that works.
I don't remember other medical doctors becoming the face of a possible pandemic, but then again there aren't too many doctors like Canada's David Butler-Jones.
Like many physicians, Butler-Jones oozes confidence. He's established a credibility that is meant to comfort us, yet almost seems to the level of being more than a little self-aware of his impact. Again, I don't recall someone trying to be the face of the battle against SARS, Mad Cow Disease or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Of course, it really helps when your so-called "real" leader abhors being held accountable. Just the passing chance that he could have to be responsible for something, say like standing up and announcing that he'll be getting a vaccination in front of the cameras (just as the cameras record his every breathing glorious moment for the 2010 CONserfative government calendar) probably put him in the mood to pound out 'Help!' except there were no cameras around to record it.
So what does an unaccountable, frightened of responsibility kind of guy do? He gets someone else to take his place. In this case, it's Dr. David Butler-Jones.
I don't know if the good Dr. has political aspirations, but he certainly has a good TV-side manner, a Canadian Marcus Welby, with the cuddly factor of Bob Keeshan. Perhaps Harper is grooming him for a Toronto-area riding, where 'cancer is sexy' needs a makeover. Remember Lisa, Harper is accountable to no one.
Thankfully for all, the pandemic appears to be not what we feared. Neither the public nor Harper's.
I'm eagerly awaiting the good Doctor's public service message on 'skin tags' next...


Anonymous said...

he was hired by the GREAT Paul Martib who got called names by these morons.

CAITI said...

Apt comparison, although I have vastly more faith in Mr, Green Jeans than David Butler-Jones.

BTW: When are they going to outlaw double-barrelleled last names. Some people are just to self indulgent, both in substance and in name.

rockfish said...

Another anonymous without a spine - what a surprise. Is that paul martib of Swift Current? The guy who drives the school bus? don't see the connection -- if you are referring to the last accomplished prime minister of Canada -- who turned our federal books from red to black before lying Flaherty and Harper changed them back -- i'd say you've made no point whatsoever. The post is about how Harper doesn't have the conviction nor the balls to lead the charge on this -- wouldn't even sign up to be shot for a photo (oops! That phrase just may get me on Stephen 'dumb-as-a sack-o-s*#+' Taylor's crummy blog) or step ahead of the issue. Instead, he let someone else do it, knowing that if there's some backsplash, or heaven forbid some trouble, the damage will get diffused thanks to CON liars like yourself and the government friendlies in canwest and sun rooms.