Monday, November 9, 2009


...continues to be standard Harper operating procedure when it comes to his candidates and their lack of 'candor'.
Diana Dilworth would appear to be a decent person who would be a good example of whom a political party would want to have carrying the torch in a competitive race. With a decent profile as a businesswoman and a politician, having achieved all that while also juggling the tough responsibilities of a single parent, Dilworth should be able to walk and chew gum and be more than just a pop-up doll.
Unfortunately, the voters of New Westminster-Coquitlam will never know. Harper has insulated her in one of his 'cones of silence' that proved adequate enough to get Dona Cadman and Nina Grewal elected (and thankfully unsuccessful with more than a dozen more to my knowledge of silent bobs and bobettes), where public appearances and opportunities to really engage in a volley of ideas with rivals, supporters and non-supporters alike are verboten.
Dilworth ducked two all-candidates meetings; she dodged other newspapers' attempts at getting her on the record. When BC's unemployment rate has ratcheted up another notch and there's this thing called H1N1 spinning around, she stands behind the tired-and-true Tory con-points about the electorate are really only talking about crime and punishment, the economy and security.
Now, I don't want to deride Ms Dilworth beyond the colours she has chosen to carry. I don't know her despite living not far down the road from her and being fairly interested in municipal politics. Her profile appears to be a notch-better than last year's 'prize CON candidate', one-time school marm and current CON senator-on-tour Yonah Martin (I'd like to see her spending and attendance record). But when someone who is suppose to be vying to be the elected representative for a region, a person who will have to stand up for and speak on behalf of people who supported her and also those who didn't, it doesn't give me much confidence in our political system when the same 'hopeful' deems it unnecessary to speak before and debate in front of a gym of the public, on the basis that (as her campaign manager states) it isn't a "credible venue for citizens to find out what the candidates are all about."
I'd say if that's the opinion of Ms. Dilworth, she is a failure on the credibility gap herself.
We Liberals can be very proud with the campaign that Ken Beck Lee has run; not a politician, he's brought a fresh approach and shown to be a keen learner when it comes to tackling the hard chore of making strangers like you in quick-time -- and despite knocking on more than 10,000 doors, he's still using the same pair of shoes!
The NDP's Fin Donnelly is the front runner, having built up his profile over the past 14 years by swimming the Fraser, running and winning a seat on Coquitlam council, and following that by being a fairly empty shirt when it comes to getting things done. As someone who brings nice environmental credentials to city hall, Donnelly has accomplished little, and while the odds are stacked against him there, he hasn't even elevated his cause. Two cases in point - the quick clearcut of swaths of Burke Mtn for future development (of which much of it won't be started for a few years - but at least they razed every tree so that we can see the dirt now!) and the annual problem of garbage bears - why hasn't he stepped up and demanded that the city, province and feds get together and move/replenish the bears' natural food source in nearby valleys to keep more of the hungry bruins on the other side of the mountain?!
Rebecca Helps is a fine person, wrong party. If you're really serious about the environment as an issue, join a party that can get you at the table, and change it from within.
The citizens of New Westminster-Coquitlam (and southern portion of Port Moody) will decide who will represent them tonight. Here's hoping that the one who thought a coffee clatch was more important than a public debate gets to stay home.


CanadianSense said...

Perhaps in order to protect her from the impressive Liberal candidate?

Is it true Liberals are going for 0/4 today?

Dion was attacked, MI gets a free pass for have four males running.

50%+ of our pop is female, is MI asking his male candidates to hold a "Pink Book" to make up?

Anonymous said...

Good post and I have read three or four lately, calling for us all, to connect the dot's and, I believe, to present the whole mess to the people. Full-frontal assault with the information--where is THAT message? It's a sea of Con blue on tv. (Die, media, die!) Propaganda works. Can we not air an opposing view-point to theirs? This is not about a little book of dirty CPC tricks on how to disrupt, poison and paralyse committee meetings. This is how they govern. Obstruction and lies, learned from their Rovian/Republican heroes, have done a lot of damage to our country. They have changed the fabric of this nation. Where is our message to the people, opposition? LK

Anonymous said...

I see delicious irony in your post here.

I do not know enough about that election race to know if you are right on your assessment.

It is however as if you are describing MI.The man wants to be PM yet he chose to spend a good part of his summer outside Canada while keeping a low profile.He should have been criss-crossing the country engaging in retail politics and doing the BBQ circuit.

The reality is that he is not willing to engage in this drudgery. He is not interested.It will reflect in his numbers today.But hey; Who gives a damn about polls, right?

Cari said...

How about those Cons..spending taxpayer's money for campaigning in those 4 is sad... but true. Elections Canada would love to know this.

rockfish said...

Anonymous 5:24 -- I met Ignatieff twice this summer so I know he wasn't hiding. Just because you didn't get an invite doesn't mean you can't come along. But keep up with the CON spinology. I'm sure there's a senate seat in it for you somewhere....

Anonymous said...


Even Liberals were frustrated at Ignatieff's invisibility over the summer. His first action was to go to the UK for a black tie lecture. He was also criticized for only visiting safe ridings when he finally did bother to tour a bit.

Simply put.He didn't get it done.

rockfish said...

I met him in Coquitlam (not a riding that we're overly 'safe' in) and at Horseshoe Bay... He also was in Vancouver on another stop.
Give you credit. Distracting people from the original topic gets you a c+ for effort; too bad your meme is pure road apples.

penlan said...

Anon @ 5:24 wrote:
"[MI]...The man wants to be PM yet he chose to spend a good part of his summer outside Canada while keeping a low profile."

Wrong. He was all over the country BUT the media wasn't reporting it nor covering it. Just the local papers of the places he went to. At the same time the media was pushing the meme that he was "missing in action". Bunch of lazy, Con talking points bums.

Ignatieff was out of the country for only 2 weeks this past summer. One week spent in France on vacation at his country place - which is quite rundown & not palatial ( as some would like to believe) by any means.

CanadianSense said...

The criticism of MI will be made because of the comparison to Dion are valid.

Both were hyped by the LPOC and the MSM to bring them back to power.

Both may have spent their summer criss crossing raising funds. The LPOC is held responsible for not getting the media coverage.

The media did not become critical until a June meltdown, and than a September declaration.

The media bias has spent weeks chasing the smear attempt by the LPOC regarding wafers, bodybags, logo, torch relay, advertising, unfair use of EAP.

The guilty without fact from the MSM has kept the LPOC in the press.

The simple fact the LPOC did not have a ground team working to win those ridings.

Those 4 mini elections were a test run for the "machine" to test their organization.

Making excuses and retreating back to Ottawa is not going to yield any seats.

Defending his "rundown" property in France, really?

penlan said...

You have been posting the following line on almost every blog you comment in daily for weeks now:

"The media bias has spent weeks chasing the smear attempt by the LPOC regarding wafers, bodybags, logo, torch relay, advertising, unfair use of EAP."

Give it up. It's just your typical Con talking point which you are actually being paid to do by the Conservative Party.

penlan said...

"Defending his "rundown" property in France, really?"

Care to trivialize any more CanSense? You're a joke.

CanadianSense said...


you seem to think it is important to attack other bloggers because they don't repeat the LPOC talking points.

Can you provide me a link where you discover the "condition" of the family property? (PS I don't care just trying to point out who the cheerleader is here and making stuff up)

My observation of FACT is supported by Public articles showing the smears or scandals alleged have fallen apart or have NOT had any impact on the numbers.

The CPC have made mistakes and will make mistakes. The voters are simply not turning to the LPOC as an alternative.

It is very difficult concept to grasp if you only drink the kool-aid from the LPOC.

penlan said...

"you seem to think it is important to attack other bloggers because they don't repeat the LPOC talking points."

What talking points? We don't have any. We can think for ourselves & state the facts along with our very own thoughts on them. We do not have, nor have ever had, "lists" of talking points like the Cons do & also send out to all their online & blogging supporters.

I read an article & saw photos of Ignatieff's place somewhere but can't remember where. If I find it I'll provide a link.

CanadianSense said...

Penlan your site is the LPOC talking points.

If you like I can link a press Release from the Party and link your post.

An article from Macleans with some shoddy photographs is your "factual" basis to make a statement his property is not a palace? Sheesh.

Every major political party is responsible for their own press. The LPOC have been getting a free ride at the expense of the Bloc and NDP for years.

Look at LPOC press release and "smear" scandal in MSM.

How many years and how many scandals regarding small or silly issues?

Paul Martin has 37.6% in 2004, 2006 it went to 30.3%, the rest is also public information. The direction and drop is not because of a single issue or bad rap from CTV picking on Dion.

That is too simplistic and unfair to Dion using him or the Media as a scapegoat.

penlan said...

"If you like I can link a press Release from the Party and link your post."

That wasn't a press release it was an article from a newspaper AND my thoughts on Aglukkaq's statement. It is/was NOT talking points. Had enough of your BS. Bye-bye.

CanadianSense said...


I was not pointing to one specific post on your blog. Your entire blog is full of talking points from the LPOC press releases.

If you think I am being unfair please list me a few blog entries not repeating the LPOC press releases.


marie said...

Perhaps in order to protect her from the impressive Liberal candidate? Nope. Not even close CS

Perhaps to protect her for having to answer truthfully questions from the media that has not been approved by king Stevie is more like it. He did just that with his candidates and MP's on his last campaign did he not?

CanadianSense said...


thanks you are making my point. If the riding is NOT winnable, or viewed as low hanging fruit (internal polling) of the riding.

Why waste "resources" trying to win it?

I am also not discounting the HST outrage or the hard work the NDP have done in bringing out their base. The NDP have a good ground game in the ridings they hold.