Friday, November 27, 2009


After hearing B.C. premier Gordon Campbell's blanket plea for all federal parties to support Stephen Harper's Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario and B.C., I wonder where was his impassioned, or even straight-forward plea to have the Harper CONs stand and support the Kelowna Accord?
I'm hearing crickets...
As an issue, the HST played a big role in the NDP's byelection win in New Westminster-Coquitlam, while it remains a hot-button issue on talk radio in both B.C. and Ontario. Harper has amazingly been able to dangle the cash and thus incentive for former opponents to step up bashfully and take the bait. That doesn't mean Ignatieff needs to tie his fate to his provincial cousins -- which may be a stretch with the small-c conservative nature of Campbell's B.C. Liberals.
If he were to run now, Campbell would have trouble winning his own seat and would definitely go down in defeat. Small business is up in arms over the HST. Just as Harper lied during the 2008 election debate about a deficit in a recession, having hidden the fact that the government's pocketbook was already in the red, he has lied about his role in implementing the HST. But now the mask is off.
Hit him with your best shot and shoot down the HST.

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