Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let me get this straight, Stephen Harper and his CON government had time to plan both a floor-crossing and putting a bagman into the senate and immediately into the cabinet before their first day in office; they were able to plan a huge, orchestrated stimulus program in less than a month despite taking the country to the brink of a political crisis by denying the need of such action -- then they tacked on a plan where giant cheques with MPs signatures, a few mugshots and party logos would be circulated just as a massive advertising campaign for the so-called Action Plan flooded the public airwaves and media.
But in all the time they've been in office, besides flushing away the nation's rainy day emergency fund, erasing a sturdy surplus and breaking numerous promises on accountability, ethics and public safety, Stephen Harper and his CONs didn't have the interest, time or ability to continue mapping out a disaster plan.
I guess the piano lessons and hockey book got in the way.

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primerica life insurance said...

The last sentence is so funny. Too bad it's actually true. And well, it's quite obvious that Harper is better at playing the piano than at leading our country. Bad job choice, I guess.