Monday, November 23, 2009


Despite his two left feet, a profundity of talking tough, a new-found interest in shining "light into dark corners*" and generally acting with disdain for the public, Stephen Harper claims to be man of action.
He's all for tough love, serious punishment and big assignments for our men and women in uniform -- just don't ask him to stand behind them when the heat's on.
So it came as a shock -- a SHOCK! -- to see that while the heat lamp of political debate was turned brightly onto the front row of Harper's CON bench, he was no where in sight.
The so-called leader was across the street for a 'critical' meeting with members of Canada's national lacrosse team, sharing long-stick tips and doing research on his next book in the queue, "Lacrosse Is A Game I've Seen, Too."
So, perhaps we should ask him if he prefers to do the chicken dance with the lights on or the lights off?

*Depending upon who's shining light upon whom.

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Anonymous said...

nATYNCHUK came out with his fabrication to get them off the hook....did you watch penis-nose mckay skillfully maneouvre his tricky words to cover himself...I guess all generals are scumbags....signed granny